am purchased a brand new video camera and was secretly recording random individuals around his neighborhood.
First, he taped the Baley Malvin dance company, a world renowned dance troupe performing their latest expressive dance in a paid performance being held at a privately managed amphitheater located in the city’s public park.
Then he captured on video two City commissioners in a heated, profanity laced argument in front of City Hall.
He recorded a famous actress having an angry marital dispute with her husband over her extramarital relations, involving offensive and ugly conduct.
Finally, Sam also filmed the local high school Prom queen and king being very, very physically affectionate at the local “Lovers’ Lane”.
Sam then edited the clips, cutting out certain images, created background music and added sound and video effects to liven up the clips. He then uploaded these videos to for the world to see free of charge. Anyone with an internet connection can view these clips on the website using U-VIDEO’s proprietary video player. However, a person cannot download these clips to his or her computer. U-VIDEO posted a disclaimer on its site in prominent lettering denying any liability for material posted on the site. However, U- VIDEO does notify users that it reserves the right to investigate any complaints lodged and to take action if it so chooses.
Baley Malvin, the two city commissioners, the famous married couple, and the Prom queen and king are now suing U- VIDEO for copyright violations, libel, slander and misappropriation. You are the attorney representing U- VIDEO in the lawsuit.
1) Identify the ethical dilemmas
2) Evaluate who are the stakeholders in this scenario.
3) What are the alternative courses of action. Please discuss the pros and cons of each possible course of action. Make sure you include how the stakeholders will be impacted by the various solutions you are proposing.
4) Discuss the ethical schools of thought in evaluating your decision.
5) Recommend a decision. Make sure to provide the rationale for your decision.