Explain why you made your rankings. 
List their diversity characteristics and how that impacted your ranking.   
Regardless of which four nominees are appointed, replacing one-third of the Board members all at once will mean a radical change for this board. This is a source of concern for the Board members and a serious concern of the hospital CEO who deals frequently with the Board. What might be done to ease the transition for the Board itself and for the CEO?
What patterns emerge in your choices? Were all of your choices the same on any dimension(s)? Explain.
How diversified would you say your choices are? Did you consciously or unconsciously make choices on the basis of any particular dimension of diversity? Explain.
If all four of your choices were selected for the Board, how diversified could your complete Board be?
This part of the weekly assignment will be at least 1,000 words in order to address all of the questions