1.  How does your meaning of “”community”” compare with Sullivan and Rosin’s meaning?
  2.  If you have been involved in volunteer activities or community activities (community,church, college, work, etc.), did you note a sense of accomplishment after these activities? Why?
  3.  Do you feel more self-conscious when you do volunteer activities, or less self-conscious? Most people say that they feel less self-conscious, that being a volunteer helps them to “”get out of their own head”” in a sense. Why do you suppose this happens?
  4.  In your community, have you thought about what you could do, what you can do, and what challenges you have to cope with in your social context? (Korthagen and Vasalos)
  5.  How have your connections to other people affected how you see experiences and events in your community? (Fiddler and Marienau)
  6.  In reflecting on your past experiences, were there any interactions that might have influenced you without you even being aware of the influence? (Kolb diagram 6.3)
  7.  Imagine yourself interacting with others at work. How would you describe the way you interact with others, what are your basic personality traits? (Kolb diagram 6.3)
  8.  Do you see yourself as a leader? Do you lead by setting agendas for others? Do others agree with you as a leader or not? What is the distinction between being a manager and being a micro-manager? (Kegan and Lahey)