What are some of the ways that various U.S. and state regulatory agencies might promote or discourage business activity?”
Criminal Law and Procedures assingment 8 “Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double?spaced pages; refer to the “Format Requirements? page for specific format requirements.

  1. Describe the societal justifications for punishing people involved in a conspiracy. Do you agree with these justifications? Why or why not? Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your position.
  2. Describe the four (4) elements for a defense of duress. Provide one (1) original example of a situation in which a duress defense might be applied.
  3. Describe one (1) reason why police sometimes keep investigating after a defendant has been charged with a crime.
  4. Provide three (3) examples of circumstantial evidence that might be presented in a case where the victim was strangled and killed.
  5. What is the concept behind rehabilitation? Do you agree that rehabilitation is effective? Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your position.