1. Choose one of the three poems from this lesson: “”Quinceanera, “”Do not go gentle…”” “”Harlem,”” or “”Marks””
  2. Re-read the poem and consider its use of figurative language, and its theme. What idea or statement is this poem trying to send to its readers?
  3. Answer these questions in a one-to-two paragraph response. Write a cohesive paragraph rather than a list. There are no formatting requirements, and since you’re only using one poem, no citation requirements. Do not consult outside sources.

       You are encouraged to quote from the poem (be sure to integrate the quotes into your own sentences), and you can also embed an image if you would like to create or find one that you think reflects the poem’s meaning. The “”Insert/Edit Image”” button in the menu about (it has a mountain and sun) will enable you to add an image to your entry. Again, don’t attach a separate file. 

a. What use of figurative language stands out the most to you in this poem?
b. What type of figurative language is it?
c. What meaning is conveyed by the figurative language?
d. Why do you think the author use figurative language, rather than stating something literally?
e. How does this use of figurative language relate to or emphasize the theme of the poem?