Brainstorm to identify the literary element that you would like to explore in the story. Choose from character, theme, symbolism, imagery, or setting. Then, develop a thesis that offers a specific interpretation of this element. If you have trouble coming up with a thesis, contact your instructor, who will help you. Do not do any outside research at this point. When finished, the draft should be at least 1,200 words (approximately four double-spaced pages). Use APA formatting and citations.

Does the introduction have an attention-getting opener? Does the introduction give the author and title of the story? Does the introduction have a thesis statement as its final sentence? Does the thesis offer an interpretation that is clear and specific? What are your suggestions for the introduction and thesis?
Is each body paragraph organized around a key point? Do the paragraphs offer support with direct quotations from the story? Are the quotes and examples analyzed and explained? Do you disagree with any parts of the analysis? What aspects of the story are left unexplained?  Do you have any suggestions for improving the body paragraphs?
Does the conclusion summarize the main points? Does it have a strong ending that leaves the reader satisfied? Do you have suggestions for improving the conclusion?” 3

Discuss how Le Ly Hayslip’s memoir When Heaven and Earth Changed Places represents the important perspective of a Vietnamese peasant woman’s trauma of war. Discuss how as a witness to war she represents her own and her family’s struggle as peasants dislocated from their agrarian  life and caught in the middle of a brutal, senseless assault on their values and mores.(3 Pages)

Discuss how Oliver Stone’s adaptation Heaven and Earth offers new meanings and can be viewed as a war film.  How does Stone showcase war as external spectacle, while internal conflicts and individual agency are muted?How does Tommy Lee Jones add heroism to the war, especially given the “rescue” trope, which is  emphasized in the film. (3 Pages)” 9