ANSWER ALL SIX QUESTIONS. ALL THE QUESTIONS ARE BASED ON YOUR READING OF SUSAN GLASPELL’S PLAY, Trifles. Answer the questions as fully as you can marshal the evidence.

  1. The word “trifles” means “trivial; of little value; insignificant. 
    (a) Name the character that uses this word (trifle) at the beginning of the drama.  What prompts him to say so?
    (b) Given what happens in the play, why is the word ironic when used as title of the play?
  2. What is the Attorney and the Sheriff trying to investigate? Why do you think the investigation fails in the end?
  3. According to the two women in the play, what things did Mrs. Wright love to do when she was younger and unmarried? Why has this changed since she married Mr. Wright?
  4. What is it that angers the two women about the men in this investigation? 
  5. How many things do the women “discover” in the kitchen?  Why do they hide from the men what they have discovered ?
  6. If Mr. Wright killed the bird, why do you think he did so?