"Things Fall Apart is an unfortunate anecdote about a man who clashes against himself to substantiate himself deserving of his clan. A sad legend is the principle character in a disaster that typically commits an error and winds up vanquished. The four principle criteria for a story to have an appalling saint would be that the fundamental character has a defect yet has some integrity, he is the hero of the story, he is respectable or shows knowledge, and he endures an inversion of fortune at last on account of his disastrous imperfection. An unfortunate blemish of a character is the imperfection of the principle character that will inevitably cut him down. The principle character, Okonkwo, meets every one of the four criteria to be a grievous saint. His defect would be that he is savage however he benefits have. He thinks about his family; he needs his child Nwoye, to be intense and dedicated like him. In addition, he needed his little girl, Ezinma, to be protected. He is a hero of the story since he is the primary character, he is a saint, and furthermore, he is extreme. Okonkwo likewise displays knowledge since he is a pioneer. He is an incredible warrior and everybody admires him to protect them. At last, Okonkwo's defect of brutality and arrogance gained out of power. He turned out to be too fierce when the congregation dominated. The individuals of his clan went to the congregation as opposed to tailing him so he chose to make a move and execute a delivery person. The chief of the congregation came after him yet he had as of now hanged himself. In this manner, Okonkwo, meeting each standard, is an unfortunate legend. 

Okonkwo is an anxious, rough individual. At the point when things don’t go the manner in which he needs them to go, he can’t simply work it out with somebody, “”he went to viciousness at whatever point he was furious and couldn’t get his words out rapidly enough, and he would utilize his clench hands. He had no persistence with ineffective men””. He is self-important and properties unreasonable pride; he feels that everybody ought to hear him out and that he controls his entire tribe and even his family. He likewise beat his better half during the Week of Peace, “”when she returned he beat her vigorously. In his indignation he had overlooked that it was the Week of Peace””. Okonkwo likewise had some decency in him. Ezinma turned out to be sick and shuddered in the night, Okonkwo makes a medication for her and she shows signs of improvement. He thinks about his family despite the fact that he wouldn’t like to show it. He seeks after his child to develop extreme and solid and not end up like his languid dad. Ikemefuna was a kid from Mbaino who was sent to Umuofia on the grounds that his dad had murdered a lady from Umuofia. He was to remain with Okonkwo for a long time at that point was to be killed. Okonkwo treated him like he was his own child, they regarded one another and Ikemefuna was a diligent employee. Okonkwo loved this about him; he dislike his dad or his own child Nwoye. 

The subsequent fundamental guideline to be an awful character would be that he is the hero of the story. A hero is the principle character in an abstract work who is a victor of a reason or strategy. Okonkwo is the hero of the story since he is the principle character and he is the legend of the story. In the main part of Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe portrays Okonkwo as an incredible and wild warrior. He was an extraordinary, acclaimed grappler and his notoriety had grown significantly throughout the years. There was another extraordinary, undefeated grappler called Amalinze the Cat that Okonkwo “”tossed in a battle, which was one of the fiercest since the organizer of their town””. Okonkwo was an intense, youngster and was hesitant to show any shortcoming. “”Okonkwo drew his blade and chop him down. He feared being gotten feeble””. Okonkwo murdered Ikemefuna before the other man could on the grounds that he was taking excessively long and he needed his kin to think he was valiant for being the first to execute him. 

The deplorable saint of a story must show astuteness or be honorable during childbirth. Unoka, Okonkwo’s dad, was “”sluggish and improvident and was very unequipped for pondering tomorrow””. He loathed his dad’s disappointment and shortcoming; detested implies that Okonkwo was furious and humiliated of his dad’s apathy. Since the time he was youthful, he needed to be something contrary to his dad. “”Okonkwo was controlled by one enthusiasm to loathe everything that his dad Unoka had adored””/Okonkwo is an extraordinary pioneer of his clan. Numerous individuals admired him since he is so scary to other people. While banished into his homeland, the congregation and their religion started to assume responsibility for the entirety of the clans. Okonkwo’s own child, Nwoye, went to the congregation. He got intrigued with the verse. Okonkwo announced a war against them yet the greater part of the individuals in his family went to the congregation. He at last leads the remainder of his faction to go torch the congregation. This model shows he is an extraordinary pioneer and adheres to his own convictions, along these lines he is an appalling saint. 

The last guideline of a terrible saint is that the fundamental character endures an inversion of fortune as a result of their imperfection. Okonkwo, with his imperfection of outrage and viciousness, gained out of power one day; he chose to take control, with or without his tribe, and kill one of the three church couriers. The townspeople, all in stunned and dumbfounded let the other two emissaries go. The locale chief goes to Okonkwo’s obi so he can bring him to prison, however Okonkwo had as of now hanged himself since he needed everybody to perceive that he was so devoted to his faction and skill much the congregation had isolated them all. This defect of presumptuousness of recovering his group to the manner in which it was switched his fortune and now he can’t do much else to support them.