1.   Prior to graduation, what is the mood of the graduating class and their families? How does that mood change and why?
    Prior  to graduation everyone was excited and happy for for. Parents were  proud of their child and the young adults were excited to start a new  chapter in their lives. Then when Donleavy gave his speech, it changed the whole mood. He  wasn’t really supporting them to work harder, he was telling them the  reality of their place in society. The only careers really fit for them  were being farmers, maids, and field workers. Mr. Donleavy was basically  crushing their dreams on a special day for the students. He was making  sure they didn’t put their hopes so high because of the way society was  at that time.
    Example answer:  I agree Justin as Mr. Donleavy gave his backhanded speech this was the  main change of attitude for Marguerite and created a vortex of self  doubt that as a black person in that time and before had all felt.    
  2.  What  is the effect of Mr. Donleavy’s appearance and speech at the  graduation? Explain Marguerite’s changed attitude towards herself and  others change because of Donleavy.
    Mr.  Donleavy’s appearance and speech at the graduation had a negative  impact on the students.  His pompous, nonchalant attitude reflected the  fact that he did not feel the education or the student’s hard work would  be of consequence to their future.  As far as he and the other racist  white people were concerned, the Negroes would never amount to anything  more than athletes, maids, handymen, farmers, etc.  This changed  Marguerite’s attitude  towards herself and others because she initially believed she could do  anything as long as she put her mind to it. Once gave his speech to the  graduating class, the mood was somber and she said, “Donleavy had  exposed us.” (¶. 44) Despite earlier receiving the recognition for her  hard work from her family and the community, it now felt like she didn’t  accomplish anything at all.