What changes in the current operational strategy can you propose to the new CIO, as your input to operational strategy committee? Please address the following topics in your paper: 
• Provide a summary of the challenges of the current operational process. Describe the current and expected long-term impact of these challenges if they are not addressed. 
• For each challenge, provide three alternative strategies to address the challenge – one that is aggressive, one that is balanced, and one that is moderate. 
•An aggressive strategy can be a major change to the current processes and ways of operating. It may also have major impacts on the organization in terms of restructuring, changing people roles/responsibilities, major changes to how work is done, or major cost impacts. A balanced strategy may be an introduction of some changes to the current processes and operating strategy, with less impact and disruption compared to an aggressive strategy. It may also be a phased introduction of the some or all elements of the aggressive strategy. A moderate strategy may have some incremental changes to the current processes and operating strategy, while leaving most of the current way of operating as is. A moderate strategy aims to minimize changes and disruptions, while introducing gradual improvements. 
• Provide your recommendation of the preferred strategy for each challenge. Explain why the selected strategy is preferred in each case, and provide the next steps to plan for or introduce the new strategy. Please consider the overall impact of your recommendations for the organization – if you are recommending aggressive strategy changes in all areas, there will be major changes in the work processes, with higher improvement potential. If all recommendations are moderate, the changes will be minimized, but the positive impact may not be sufficient. What is the right combination? How well is your company prepared to deal with recommended changes? 
Create your response to this challenge as a proposal you will submit to the operational strategy committee. Your paper must adhere to APA standards in formatting . Additionally, your paper must be 2,500 words or more and use at least 5 scholarly references in support. Be sure that you list your references per APA and cite each reference at least once.” 10 https://www.homeworkmarket.com/fields/literature?page=10