Revitalizing a Brand

Describe the current marketing communication, identity, and brand position of Plaza Home Health Services.Conduct a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis associated with the current marketing communication, identity, and brand position of Plaza Home Health Services.Assess the importance of benchmarking in Plaza Home Health Services’ […]

First team development session

·  Define change management and the first three disciplines: personal mastery, mental models, and shared vision.·  Explain the learning discipline you have chosen and why it is important.·  Explain how you will use the organizational team development material (the exercise) during the session.·  Briefly introduce […]

Gender and Work-Life Balance

Fig Technologies wants industry research on gender and work-life attitudes to present an overview of the position of project managers in two geographic areas. You will present this report in a two-page (excluding the title and reference pages) assessment of the position based on information […]

Impact of leadership on organizational outcomes.

ScenarioYou are the VP of HR in a professional services organization. Your organization recently merged with another firm to expand operations on a global scale. Before the merger, your organization had a culture that reinforced aggressive sales of consultancy services, with a focus on short-term […]

Training and Development

State the goal, which should identify what training content will be used and how it will be used. Include the strategies for reaching the goal including what the trainee must do, what resources will be needed, and the type of support from managers and peers […]

Ethics, Compliance Auditing, and Emerging Issues

Describe an emerging global risk that is either economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal, or technological.Identify all countries that might be associated with the risk.Describe the effects of the risk on each country.Evaluate the role of ethical decision-making in business organizations as the role pertains to your […]

The marketing research process

Examine the marketing research process and market segmentation strategies in the health care industry.Analyze business planning based on an analysis of domestic and global operating environments, market dynamics (supply and demand), commercialization, and product-market expansion.Explain how branding strategies apply to the health care market for […]

Strategies for managing conflict caused by cuts in overtime pay

A.  Discuss three causes of workplace conflict between the city’s police officers and city management in the current situation.  B.  Discuss two possible short-term outcomes if the conflict is not resolved.  C.  Discuss two possible long-term outcomes if the conflict is not resolved.  D.  Discuss […]