You are the VP of HR in a professional services organization. Your organization recently merged with another firm to expand operations on a global scale. Before the merger, your organization had a culture that reinforced aggressive sales of consultancy services, with a focus on short-term financial gains. The organization with which yours merged had a different culture, one that supported building deep relationships with repeat customers with a focus on the long-term revenues, even when that might incur a short-term financial loss.
As a result of this merger, a new organizational culture needs to be established so that everyone from both of the previously separate organizations will work and act as one team. The CEO has stated that the new culture should be one that reflects the longer-term perspective rather than short-term financial gains. The CEO recognizes this effort must be planned and will take time and has instructed you to lead the change initiative. The CEO instructs you to assemble a change management implementation plan to prepare the organization for culture change.
Prepare a change management plan that:

Provides organization’s new strategic direction and goals.
Compares key characteristics of the two merging cultures and make recommendations for the new culture of the organization.
Provides the structured methodology you will use to plan the change initiative.
Discusses the communication plan that will be used during the change initiative.
Details the approach to be used to manage resistance to the change initiative.
Illustrates how change adoption will be measured.
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the plan.