2. Which of the following statements explains why a vision is more critical to change than a mission statement? 
A. a mission statement focuses on what an organization is and does. A vision focuses on the possible future scenario a change can bring. 
B. a mission statement imagines a new future the change will bring. A vision is a dream that will never be real. 
c. a mission statement explains who we are now. A vision focuses on where we are going. 

3. which of the statements below are Pendlebury’s three components of vision that are key to change management. Check all that apply.  
A. why the change is needed 
b. the mission of the organization 
c. the aim of the change 
d. a stringent plan and budget 
e. the change actions that will be taken 

  1. Match the approach for crafting a vision to when it is used.  Tell       2. Co-create    3. Consult      4. Test      5. Sell 

Match each of the options above to the items below. 

Involvement is not seen as important 
Chief executive is attracted to the vision and wants others to adopt it 
Chief executive wants to see which aspects of the vision find support 
Chief executive needs to help develop the vision 
Chief executive wants to identify shared visions throughout the organization