What Impact Will Automation Have on Warehouse Workers? (2019)
Amazon’s Latest Warehouse Machine Demonstrates the Slow Drip of Automation (2019)
AI-Powered Robot Warehouse Pickers Are Now Ready to Go to Work (2020)
Opinion: How Will People Respond When Automation Changes Their Roles? (2020)
How to Manage the Human-Machine Workforce (2020)
Reveal’s Will Evans: Injuries in Amazon Warehouses Are Double the Industry Average (2019) (Video 5:49)
Amazon Robotics Funds App Measuring Warehouse Worker Health Risks (2019)
Fighting Warehouse Worker Fatigue with Wearables (2020)
‘Every Single Person Is Losing Money’: Shipt Is the Latest Gig Platform to Screw Its Workers (2020)
Discussing the changing landscape of warehouses/distribution centers is not complete without studying people working on the floor. Using this week’s background readings as a foundation, add at least one other recent resource as support. For your post focusing on the warehouse labor force:

Explain the type of training warehouse/distribution center workers will need in order to be successful in their jobs.
Based on research, provide information on the two most important human resource issues facing warehousing.