1. Date episode was originally aired
  2. Name of the episode
  3. Name of the business, product, or service that was being sold
  4. Problems the business was having? Or how was the scam be operated? Detailed
    explanation required.
  5. How could the public have known that fraud was being perpetrated?
  6. How did the business hide the fraud from its clients/the public?
  7. What were the reactions from the owner/owners?
  8. How much was invested/lost by the clients? Were there any special conditions?
  9. Where did the business start to unfold/unravel?
  10. How was the fraud eventually discovered?
  11. What were the legal results?
  12. What is the Christian World View surrounding this business/fraud? What is the
    biblical justification for either the business or its clients?
  13. Conclusions: Include any theory or principles learned in the course.