Imagine you resided in Ancient Mesopotamia, China or India and that we modern people had recently figured out a way to chat with you. You can play the part of any fictional citizen, ruler, priest or what-have-you. Whatever role you do assume, introduce yourself to your (present) peers in a post that covers the following points:
A. Say who you are and what you do in your chosen civilization. Use actual terms from the period to make this come alive.
B. Explain why your people created permanent settlements.
C. Explain what you believe is the single (only one) greatest cultural achievement or innovation which you, as an ancient human, will leave for your descendants and why? Make sure to incorporate historical evidence and use appropriate citations as necessary.
Pay close attention to the prompts.  In this one, you are asked to imagine yourself as an ancient citizen of Mesopotamia, India, or China and the modern world wants to chat with you. Reveal what your character (NOT you) is the most important thing your chosen society left behind.