“Watch the Movie “”When The Mountains Tremble”” and respond to the following questions. (Will provide movie link)

INCLUDE INTRODUCTION. Each question has it’s own paragraph.

What was the “”Ten Years of Spring”” (1944-1954)? Which factor(s) would you consider more important in causing the U.S. to become concerned during this era: the United Fruit Company or fear of communism? 
How did Guatemalan officials use terror to force the people to “behave?” Provide several examples from throughout the film.
How do the Guatemalan officials use the indigenous culture? What is the reality for the indigenous people? Provide examples.
Why does the government label people as subversive? Who are they really?
According to the film, “Declassified Message” and “Memory of Fire,” what were the underlying factors that led to U.S. involvement in the 1954 overthrow of Guatemala’s president, Jacobo Árbenz?
Were internal or external factors more important in Árbenz’s downfall?
What was Guatemala’s civil war, and how is Árbenz’s overthrow related to this tragic time in history?
Overall, how would you rate this film as an historical source?