The politics-administration dichotomy

“In 750-1,000 words, do the following:  Describe the politics-administration dichotomy.  Explain both sides of the debate on whether the politics-administration dichotomy exists in practice or only in theory. Give specific real-world examples in your debate.  Describe what side you tend to agree with more and […]

Dr. Kahlib Fischer about worldviews

Dr. Kahlib Fischer about worldviews. Answer the following questions based on Dr. Fischer’s presentation. It is advised you complete Activities 1 and 2 before beginning work on this assignment. As the quality of your answers is a factor in grading, answer the questions fully, organize […]

The Impact of Economic Policy on the Market

Starting in 2008, the United States experienced the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression. To combat rising unemployment, negative economic growth, and deflation, among other problems, the U.S. government employed instruments/policies from both the fiscal and monetary toolkits. Write an essay 1,250-1500 words regarding […]

The Correctional Sergeant’s Dilemma

Correctional Sergeant Craig Rick was a seasoned veteran of the department of corrections. He had begun his career shortly after his discharge from the military. After spending his first ten years on the “line” and in various prisons as a correctional officer, he was promoted. […]

Civil Rights

1.) What do you think the founders original intent with the first amendment, specifically the freedom of religion, was? 2.) When Congress passed the RFRA in 1993, what was this designed to do? How have the many states reacted to this? Does Texas have any […]

Healthcare Administrator

There are six management functions reviewed: (1) Planning, (2) Organizing, (3) Staffing, (4) Controlling, (5) Directing, and (6) Decision making. All six of these functions are equally important and dependent upon one another. As a health care administrator/manager, you will have to effectively balance all […]