1.) What do you think the founders original intent with the first amendment, specifically the freedom of religion, was?

2.) When Congress passed the RFRA in 1993, what was this designed to do? How have the many states reacted to this? Does Texas have any laws with regards to RFRA?
3.) In 2018, Congress introduced FADA.  What is the purpose of this law?  What current events and judicial court decisions may have lead to such a bill being introduced?
4.) What recent decisions did the Supreme Court make with regards to religion and politics?

5.) What civil liberty and/or civil rights issues may arise as a result of these most recent laws?  In your opinion, are civil liberties/rights in danger?  
6.) Now having a decent amount of knowledge on the 1st Amendment, RFRA and FADA, what are your thoughts on these laws and proposed bills?  How might these impact our culture, politics, rights, etc?