Dr. Kahlib Fischer about worldviews. Answer the following questions based on Dr. Fischer’s presentation. It is advised you complete Activities 1 and 2 before beginning work on this assignment. As the quality of your answers is a factor in grading, answer the questions fully, organize your answers to match the questions, and utilize proper grammar and spelling.
Use this worksheet as a template for answering the questions.
The best strategy would be to listen to the entire video before you begin answering questions, then, answer the questions as you listen to the video a second time.
Be sure to include your name, course, and section number when you submit this assignment.

  1. What is a worldview?
  2. What is a biblical-Christian worldview?
  3. What ideas and policies flow from a biblical-Christian worldview?
  4. What is modernism?
  5. What ideas and policies flow from modernism as a worldview?
  6. What is postmodernism?
  7. What ideas and policies flow from a postmodern worldview?