You should discuss each party and its respective process to select a nominee for president, identifying each step of the process. It may be helpful to choose a particular presidential election and follow the candidates, from announcing their candidacy to their selection as the party nominee.

Your PowerPoint presentation must consist of 10 to 14 slides, not counting the title and reference slides.
Your presentation must include the items listed below.
§ Include a title slide with your name, date, course, and assignment.
§ List the presentation’s objective(s), a table of contents, or an introductory paragraph/slide.
§ Provide information about each political party’s structure and composition.
§ Include a definition of superdelegates and an example of their impact on an election.
§ Include information about how media acts as a political socializing agent during an election.
§ Provide information about how each party uses the media.
§ Include a few bullets describing whether the two-party system remains as a fair and viable process. Be sure to include information about the positives and negatives of the two-party system.
§ Provide three to four pictures, maps, or graphs that will illustrate important points in your presentation. These should be used on a slide and not put on a slide separately without explanation.