What role has OSINT played as an instrument to both protect U.S. activities and determine enemy strategies, culture, and vulnerabilities? 
If OSINT IS open source, discuss how Gibson says it can be discretely acquired. 
How have the goals, uses, and policies of OSINT evolved over the years?
Information as a currency is a concepts that is evolving every day.  How do we place it in context of open source collection? Take a look at this article by AMU Faculty member Erik Kleinsmith: “”Fake News and Data Mining: Mapping Today’s Media for Intel Analysis””   How has the trajectory changed even in the last year regarding information dissemination and reliability factors? What implications do you see for open source collection? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. 
Which reading this week did you find most interesting and important. What resonated with you? What are 2-3 key lessons learned from it?