CASE STUDY: Esther is a 78 year old female who suffers from osteoporosis. She Esther lives with her only daughter and son-in-law and her two teenage grandchildren. Not to mention, she also has a family dog. Esther is very fragile, weighing about 120 lbs and barely likes to eat. She enjoys her days watching the news, cooking, and watching over the Yorkie while everyone is at work and school.  Though recently she tripped while going down a step to the patio and fractured her ankle. The family found her crying on the steps. They called the ambulance and she was taken to the ER. A couple days later she is discharged home and a home care plan is issued. 

The project is to write a one page paper on patient teaching how to use a cane. The difference between 2 gait, 3 gait, and 4 gait canes. How Esther would use them, how to prevent any other fall. What side would the cane go on? (affected or non affected side)