Essay should answer following questions:
· What rights are provided by the 4th Amendment, and what role does privacy play? 
· How has technology changed the way we look at the right to privacy?  How has technology changed the way the police and government operate?
· Explain each of the topics you researched and how privacy is potentially exploited by these advances.  (you will need to cover each of the above-mentioned and researched topics)  
· What, if anything, has been the government (federal and state) and the courts response to the topics stated above?  
· Over all, as the sales of smart home products, devices with advanced recognition software, etc. continue to climb, do you see a point of the federal government and more states stepping in for tighter regulations?  Do you see consumers buying less of these devices out of privacy concerns?
· Before you researched this topic, what was your opinion of privacy in the tech age?  Has it changed and will you do anything differently based on the research?