Not title, i just need 150 word message for each of the questions down below. Please each individual writing needs to be correctly cited and referenced. Also at the end of each writing please provide one question for the class. Must provide a question.  

1. What are the implications of repealing and replacing the affordable care act on Nurse Practitioner Practice?

2. What resources does the advanced practice nurse have available to make political changes?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of socialized medicine? What barriers exist to having universal health care in the United States? How might these barriers be overcome?

4.  What is a Health Insurance Exchange?

5. What components of the ACA do you think will have a positive effect on improving health care outcomes and decreasing costs?

6. What challenges do you think the profession of nursing will face as the U.S. health delivery system changes?

7. Discuss the connections among child health, educational achievement, and social determinants of health.