The objective of this discussion post is to present flooding hazards for a city located adjacent to a river. The river must be located within the United States.  Again, rivers cannot be duplicated, so if you see your choice is already taken by someone else, POST A DIFFERENT RIVER. 
1.  You will create a visual that informs this GEOL class about the impact and dangers of living near this river. You must include the following information in your initial post for full credit.  


  River and city location- must include satellite imagery, additional maps & images optional
  River statistics- drainage basin area (square miles or sq km), length, discharge / flow rate
  City statistics- population, when founded, describe historical uses of the river

Historical Flood Information

  Pick a flood that was ≥ 100-yr event and list the discharge and/or river stage and recurrence interval
  Describe the reasons the flood occurred (where did all the water come from? Hurricane? Tropical Depression? Snow melt? Tsunami?)
  Flood cost- deaths, financial loss, displaced persons, effects to infrastructure (roads, buildings, railways, dams, etc.)

Flood Prevention Measures

  Describe any measures that the city or region has taken to mitigate against flooding, e.g., levees, dams. Discuss the effectiveness of these measures relative to the flood you profiled or relative to later flooding

Positive Aspects of the River

  How does this city benefit from being located adjacent to the river? e.g., Hydroelectric power? Shipping? Tourism? Recreation?