Please answer the following questions concerning this case.  Address the    questions in a cohesive essay. It should be at least two pages in  length and    should be double-spaced, and typed in 12-point Times New Roman font.  Please be    sure to provide an introduction to your essay,

Which part of the Constitution addresses individual privacy rights? Do you  believe that, with today’s technology, the Constitution still adequately protects those rights? Why, or why not?
Describe the issue that       was debated in this case. How was the need for public safety and security balanced with individual civil liberties and civil rights impacted by the  final ruling in this case?
Do you agree with the majority opinion or the dissenting opinion in this case? Explain your response. Where do you personally draw the line in this privacy issue?
Explain how historical thought and tradition affect civil liberties and rights as they pertain to the issue presented in this case.
Describe how politics can  intersect with civil rights.
What consequences do you support for those who violate  constitutional rights?
What, if any, compensation do you recommend for individuals whose  rights have been violated by others?