“The World Wide Web (also known as just ‘the web’ or ‘the internet’) is a network of several million web ‘pages’ written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Web search engines such as Google are designed to help us find exactly what we are looking for.
Using the full extant of the web, determine the meaning/definition/description of the term oblate spheroid.

Answer the following questions. Each answer should be about a paragraph in length.

  1. (2 points) List the search engines you used. What search engines yielded the best results? If you were to write a paper on this topic, what search engine would you use to conduct your research and why?
  2. (3 points) Summarize the one best site you found in your search. Include:
    a. the complete URL (Universal Resource Locater, or web address) starting with http://.
    b. what is the host of the web site (Stanford University, US Geological Survey, a private company or an individual person)?
    c. what important information about your search topic does it contain?
    d. what about this web site makes it especially interesting to you?