Follow this link to the npr podcast directory page and select the On the Media podcast from October 5, 2018 titled “”The Victimhood.”” There are three stories on the podcast, but you should forward to the 13 minute and 30 second mark (which you can do after listening to the sponsor message at the beginning of the podcast). There is an interview with David Treuer, a writer, historian and linguist at the University of Southern California. Listen to the interview. It runs to about 35:45 (so the entire interview is a bit more than 23 minutes long). Answer the following questions in no more than two typed pages.

  1. What is (or was) Wounded Knee?
  2. Treuer has what might be called a nuanced and complicated approach to the issue of Native rights and history. We are desperately lacking in nuance and complication in this country these days. We seem to want simple answers to extremely complex issues and questions. In my view, part of the purpose of education is to help you see the complication and nuance (and perhaps eventually to understand it). So, how is Treuer’s view nuanced and complex? Provide at least one example. 
  3. What is Teuer’s main message? What does he want non-native peoples to understand about native peoples?
  4. Hawaii and Oregon do not celebrate Columbus Day, and Alaska, Minnesota, South Dakota and Vermont celebrate some sort of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Based on what you know of the United States, does this geography make sense? Why?