“Wetlands are a vital component of the hydrosphere.  They are Earth’s natural water filtering mechanisms and they provide diverse habitats for numerous species of plants and animals.  Read more about Indiana’s wetland resources in the following article by Eric Myers, originally published in the book The Natural Heritage of Indiana.
Lifeblood of the Land: Water
For this reflective essay, I would like you to write 4 to 5 paragraphs reflecting on your use of wetlands.  Perhaps you grew up near wetlands or regularly go fishing or hunting in wetland environments.  If so, write about these experiences and the positive impact wetlands have had on your life.  If you do not regularly use wetlands, reflect on the value of wetlands in more general terms.  How do you benefit indirectly from our wetlands and how would their loss negatively impact your life?
Each paragraph should average 4 to 5 full sentences.  I’m looking for a complete, well thought out essay here.  Be thorough and descriptive in your essay and be sure to draw on the materials covered in the course directly.  For full points, you should not simply write an opinion piece – you must back up your opinions with facts derived from the video and your readings and assignments.