The video summaries are designed to provide additional insights into the information from various viewpoints. In addition, the videos provide information that may be helpful in composing discussion forum responses.
To demonstrate that you have viewed this week’s video, you must submit a short (one – two pages) summary of the video, your paper should address the thought questions below. It is recommended that you take notes during the video to aid you in writing your summary and to reference later on. You must complete the video summary for the segment Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? found above and in the Unit reading.
Thought questions:

  1. Describe the topic of the video. What geographic content did it cover?
  2. What part of the video caught your attention most? Why? Was it something that was very tragic, exciting, interesting, etc.?
  3. What did you find most interesting about the topic of this video? Explain what the video said about this topic and why you found it engaging.
  4. Did this video help the topic “”come alive”” to you? Did seeing the events in photos and video help it seem more real to you?