What are some ethical issues around modern geographic tools like GPS?
Have you ever had a misunderstanding because of a clash of cultures? Have you ever suffered from culture shock? Please discuss any experience you had with the joys/pains of cross cultural interaction, how you dealt with it, and how you think you should have handled it.
discuss the following quote: “”Not only is it easy to lie with maps, it is essential”” 

Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon had a bet. What was the bet? What was the result? What do you think this result means? Does it prove either side’s point? What do you think of the bet?
What was China’s “”One Child Policy””? What was covered under the policy? What  were some advantages and problems of this policy in China? How would you describe the legacy of the “”One Child Policy””?
India has a legacy of using sterilization as a population control measure.  Please discuss this issue, and say what you think about this method of population control.
Are large populations a problem? Can small populations be a problem?  Why or why not? (please note: this question doesn’t really have a right or wrong answer, but is here to encourage discussion.)