1. What is Longitude and Latitude? How do they determine positions? 
  2. (a) Why was it vital to find a way to discover longitude? 
         (b) What were the schools of thought in the approach to the problem?
  3. What motivates John Harrison to build his clocks? (Money, prestige, reward, solving the problem of longitude or is it a combination of motives?) Write a clearly defined answer. 
  4. Describe why the Royal Astronomers were hostile to John Harrison’s clocks
  5. Why did Harrison face a difficult time on the British ships where he tested the clocks? 
  6. To what extent was John Harrison mistreated by the Board of Longitude? 
  7. Rupert Gould became obsessed with restoring Harrison’s clocks. Describe his actions and the long term impact. 
  8. Describe at least one “”villain”” in the story