1.) Continue your work with the company (Amazon) you selected in Wk 2. 

2.) Research your company’s (Amazon) financial reports for 2017.

3.) Complete a 2- to 3-page FAQ/Shareholder Analysis.

4.) Evaluate economic conditions that influence the company’s performance. 
           § Consider political, environmental, currency (money), global economics, and government influences on economic conditions.

5.) Compare market conditions with the company’s performance for 2017. 
        § Conclude how the market conditions that year influenced the company’s  Performance, such as: 
              · interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy changes, or other market conditions relevant to the company (Amazon) you selected.

6.) Analyze year-over-year performance from 2016 and 2017. 
       § Consider key metrics or ratios such as: 
             · trailing PE ratio, forward PE ratio, price to book, return on assets, and return on equity in your conclusions.