“Bitcoin Forecasting with RNN

Write a paper on forecasting Bitcoin with RNN TechniquesIn your whitepaper Provide an overview of forecastingExplains the merits of LSTM for forecastingUses Kera to perform LSTM forecasting on the bitcoin dataCompare LSTM vs ARIMA models for Bitcoin forecasting (optional)

Blockchain Technology

What are the implications for Basic Attention Token” (BAT) and Blockstack relative to global marketing?” Explain why the problem requires data mining, the general approach you plan to take, what kind of data you plan to use, and finally how you plan to get the […]

Strategic Leadership

Firms rely on a set of frameworks to analyze their external environment—that is, the industry in which they operate, and the competitive forces that surround them from the outside. Study the external environment of the firm you have selected for this project and how that […]

Leading in a Changing World

The Challenge of Managing Diverse Teams Please respond to the following statement Part 1: “Research has consistently shown that diverse teams produce better results, provided they are well led.”? (Ibarra and Hansen 2011: 71) Part 2: “The ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, […]

Business Ethics

what moral obligations do employees have in perpetuating lies in the workplace to get an upper hand and favourism in the workplace?.. .Is favourism ethical in a business setting?

Christianity and Buddhism

After reading, write an essay by relating how you intend to use your understanding of the difference between Christianity and Buddhism?

The confrontation clause of the Sixth Amendment

1.Explain two things the confrontation clause of the Sixth Amendment requires and one example when statements of a witness are admissible even if the witness is not in court. 2.Discuss three factual circumstances where the Supreme Court has concluded that capital punishment (the death penalty) […]