This Assignment assesses the following course outcome:
MT453-3: Analyze a negotiation in a simulated setting. 
Assignment: Reviewing a Sales Call for Improvement
In every sales call there are objectives to be reached by both the buyer and seller. The buyer and seller are likely both skilled in presenting their situation and needs to best reach their own objectives. Learning to negotiate and uncover win-win sales situations will help develop a sounder working relationship for future negotiations. After every sales situation, the seller should review the entire process and evaluate how they might have improved their presentation for more effective negotiation.
Go to Chapter 11, page 314, and read case 11.1: Global Sourcing for Allied.
Then respond to the checklist items regarding the case scenario in a 500-word paper.

What tactic was used to gain Sarah’s commitment to the idea and would you agree this was appropriate? Explain your response.
Describe three other methods you could have used to gain Sarah’s commitment.
You only see a portion of the conversation, analyze what you read of the negotiation.
Analyze Sean’s performance in selling benefits and not just features.
Describe how Sean responded to objections and attempted to gain commitment at the right time.