Cancer Brochure: This is a list of information that you must include. 

 For this assignment you will also need to use and site a primary source/article. A primary peer-reviewed article is not a review article; it contains original research that has not been previously published. In order to find primary peer-reviewed articles you will need to use or google scholar. Wiki-anything is not primary sources. In the Hallmarks of Cancer you will notice when they cite someone else’s work they end the sentence (Last name, Year of publication). Please do the same in this writing assignment and in your Cancer Brochure assignment.   

  1. General symptoms/features of the cancer (pick one cancer)
  2. The prevalence of the cancer type/subtype in the US: Include any differences between men and women and/or ethnicities. Are there any increased risks for developing this specific cancer (occupational, environmental, genetic, etc.). Is there a reliable screening for this cancer? At what stages do patients usually present or are diagnosed? What is the 5-year survival rate of diagnosed patients? 
  3. Brief summary of current treatment options for the cancer type/subtype. What are 3 treatment options (in addition to debulking surgery, if that is an option, if it is not, state why surgery is not a viable option) for patients? If you cannot find 3 different options, state why. Go into detail on the therapeutic options, how does it “work” to kill the cancer? Briefly mention how therapeutic is administered, how much it cost to receive this therapeutic? 
  4. Brief description of current research on the disease. A review article such as Nature Reviews Cancer would be a great place to start. 
  5. List of foundations or other sources of information, government, non-profit organization, local or national.