You are a project manager. During testing, a business user identifies a problem: the tested version lacks a fundamental capability that, as it turns out, was never identified. This capability does not just represent a nice-to-have feature; it is integral to the IT deliverable functioning in the real world. You comb through your project management software, old emails, and meeting agendas, but you cannot find the functionality documented anywhere. 

As you dig into the problem, you realize that the new functionality the business user is asking for cannot be delivered given the underlying technology that was chosen for this project. The relational database identified in the project plan is simply too slow in reporting and data transfer to support the new functionality. 

You discuss the problem with the project architect, who suggests two alternatives:

  Tune the relational data queries and upgrade the relational database server.
  Move all of the data from the relational database to a Big Data repository, such as Hadoop. 
  As project manager, your task is to write a memo to the project sponsor in which you:

  Succinctly outline the problem identified
  Describe the two alternatives listed above
  Articulate the cost of each alternative in terms of its impact to the schedule, cost, and functionality of the final deliverables
  Recommend one alternative over the other based on those costs and schedule impacts