Evaluating the Case Data and Nutritional Care Plan

This week, you will construct details of a case study that will form the basis for a Nutritional Care Plan.  For this project, you will identify a case study and then develop a nutritional care plan for the client associated with that case.  Please read […]

Food culture and tradition in korea

Experiential Paper (due end of Week 3): Compose a 750-1000 word paper detailing the individual experience of administering 2 alcohol screening tools. The student will conduct a mock interview with a friend or family member using two of the following tools: Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test, T-ACE, and/or […]

Data Analytics and Science

 Imagine you are the founder of a start-up business focusing on telemedicine. You currently have two people working with you. You like to plan ahead, so you have decided on the kind of culture you wish to develop.Describe the culture you want to create and […]

Marketing health services

Respond using as references   Thomas, R. K. (2015). Marketing health services (3rd ed.). Health Administration Press. Chapter 17.  What developments exist which indicate that marketing is becoming more of a primary function in healthcare organizations?  In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Marivette Bedoya and […]

Living Arrangements for the Elderly

Explain the positive and negative aspects of the living arrangements for the elderly listed below. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate each option. Living in own homeLiving with their childrenAssisted living facilityNursing home with intermediate careNursing home with skilled nursing care and make recommendations for healthy […]