Consolidate an expression of your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge reflecting of each objective listed below.(only One posting addressing all three objectives).

Three Objectives:

  1. Research the differences between three dental assisting credentials:
    Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)
    Certified Expanded Function Dental Assistant(EFDA)
    Registered Dental Assistant(RDA)
  2. Explain the credential that a graduate from the Dental Assisting Program at Daytona State will earn.
    *Be sure to do your research to answer 1-2 accurately. You are a dental assisting student and you should be an accurately informed student about your CHOSEN career!
  3. Read this article How Dental Assistant affect the Economics of the Practice, then describe your thoughts about how the dental assisting profession contributes to the success of the dental practice. 
    Be sure to use APA formatting when citing and listing your resource(s)!”