Overview: The focus of this module is on the structure of healthcare delivery systems across the world and the role of political policy on healthcare and its constituents. For Final Project One, you will develop a profile of a non-U.S. country based on your assessment of the country’s population health and healthcare system. Your country profile will examine the impact of economics, culture, and social factors on population health and examine three health issues.

Prompt: After reviewing the Final Project One Guidelines and Rubric document, choose a country to assess for your final project. Develop a profile of the country beginning with your rationale for choosing the country. Examine the contextual details of the selected country, including demographic data. Next, describe the general state of healthcare. Identify three major health-related issues plaguing the country and briefly describe them.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


  State the purpose of the country profile and explain why you chose to write about this country in particular.
  Identify appropriate details needed for an analysis of the state of healthcare in your chosen country. Your discussion should include but is not

limited to population, type of government and the state of governmental affairs, geographic location, and climate.

General State of Healthcare

  Determine the main health-related issues in the country through an assessment of its recent history and current events for indicators of the

state of healthcare affairs in the country, using data from a reputable health organization as a starting point for your research.
Evaluate the country’s current structure for providing healthcare to its populations to determine whether the existing structure is sufficient for