Create a Leadership Structure Plan

Organizational change initiatives are a team effort. It is the job of the leadership team to ensure that transition is a success. To do so, the right leaders must be put in place, and each must hold a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
Examine the Delta Pacific Case Study
, then analyze the following:
· What are the challenges facing Delta Pacific?
· What change initiative would be most effective to implement within this organization? 
· What type of change leaders need to be put in place? (Ex.: Change Lead, Change Managers, Change Analyst, etc.)
· What departments, areas, and stakeholders will each leader be responsible for?
· Where will each change leader be most effective?
· What roles will each change leader need to play at their level of influence?
Leadership Structure Plan
Utilizing the above information, create a Leadership Structure Plan that includes the following:
· At least three change leader positions to be put in place for the change initiative.
· Description of each change leader’s roles and responsibilities.
· Account of departments they will lead.
· A short description of how each position will effectively aid in the success of the initiative.