“For this assignment, you will identify a public health professional working at either a local hospital, local health department, state health department, or nonprofit organization involved in public health. Contact this person, and interview him or her. If you are unable to interview someone for this assignment, write the assignment as if you were the person being interviewed (from their perspective). In the interview, ask the questions listed below. 
1) What do you consider to be the top three social determinants of health, and what impact does each have on the public’s health outcomes? 
2) What are the top three approaches your organization has taken to address social determinants of health? What are the lessons learned from their successes and challenges? 
3) What preventive public health strategies is your organization implementing, or what strategies have been implemented in the past? How do you rate their effectiveness? 
4) What is your view on preventive screening as a strategy for preventing and controlling chronic diseases? What would you consider to be the major barriers to this approach? 
Write a three-page paper that summarizes your findings from the interview as well as from your readings. APA format is not required for this assignment