Discussion #1

Discussion #1 My specialty is family nurse practitioner. The problem that I have identified is the lack of diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the primary care setting. This is of interest to me because it is a highly prevalent sleep and airway disorder […]

Project Week 1

Quantitative Annotated Bibliography In this week’s discussion question you were asked to consider a potential problem (appropriate to your role option) (See attached paper named POTENTIAL PROBLEM) that you would like to investigate through nursing research. For this assignment you will review current research from […]

Communication skills in practice

#35880 Topic: Communication skills in practice: the influence of communication skills and techniques on outcomes for service users in a health and social care setting Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 3 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Academic Level:Undergraduate Category: […]

Health Care Information And Technology Wk 7 Assign

Conduct a Survey in your place of employment appraising:  Nurses use of smartphone apps in their daily nursing work  Nurses uses of smartphones not related to work apps  Nurses use of smartphone instead of asking a physician Provide a 500 words APA […]

End Of Life Care

End-of-life care becomes an issue at some point for elderly clients.   Even with the emergence of palliative care programs and hospice   programs, most elderly people do not die in their own home as is their   preference. What are the reasons for this trend? Discuss what […]


Performance Element Distinguished Proficient Intermediate Novice Total Score Check off:Topic check off with three sources · Research topic chosen from a PT source (i.e., Journal of Physical Therapy) total off 3 sources · Research topic chosen from a PT source but 2 sources provided · […]


MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS A Management Information Systems (MIS) is printed through the usage of strategies for a dating for its spotless working. The MIS, a twisted making tool used by zenith employer, passes on of an excessive and brisk of controls. These controls cover the […]

Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals

Review the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” Write a 750-1,000 word paper discussing the influence of the IOM report on nursing practice. Include the following: Summarize the four messages outlined in the IOM report and explain why […]

Discussion #1

Discussion #1 The discussion this week is interpreted as a sad reality, the factors mentioned (inflation, changing population demographics, intensity, and technology of services) negatively affect the costs of health care. Inflation increases the cost of living of a population, but the inflation in relation […]


While the implementation plan prepares students to apply their research to the problem or issue they have identified for their capstone change proposal project, the literature review enables students to map out and move into the active planning and development stages of the project. A […]