Using the same research article that was used for the assignment “Critiquing Research Part l”, use the questions below to write a critique of your research article. Answer all questions that apply to the quantitative and/or qualitative study that you selected. Include a title page and article citation (APA format) on the title page. Please save the research article that was critiqued in a .pdf and attach the article with the paper. Points will be deducted if the article is not submitted with the critique.

Critiquing Research Part II

IV. Research Design

  • Is the research quantitative or qualitative? 
  • If quantitative is it experimental or non-experimental?
  • If it is a mixed-method design, did this approach enhance the study? 
  • Is the design appropriate to answer the questions indicated by the problem and/or hypotheses? 
  • Is the target population identified? Are eligibility criteria specified? 
  • What type of sampling plan was used? What are key characteristics of the sample? 
  • Is the setting appropriate for the study?

V. Data Collection 

  • Is informed consent utilized? 
  • Who collected the data? 
  • How were data collected? (survey, interview, etc.) 
  • Are the measurement instruments or tools clearly described? 
  • What statistical tests were utilized? 
  • Is reliability (consistence) and validity (accuracy and precision of measurement instruments) addressed?

VI. Interpretation, Discussion and Clinical Application

  • Are all of the important results discussed? 
  • State author’s conclusion and recommendations. 
  • What are the author’s implications for practice? 
  • Identify 3 researchable questions for further study.
  • State if and when/where you would put the research findings into practice.