This is Part 2 of the assignment previously completed

It is exclusively reserved for Catherine Owen

Part 2
You have been told by the board of directors that, in the past few months, productivity and patient satisfaction has decreased in the healthcare workforce. The board of directors has conducted a survey and found that the reason for this decline is due to the workers in your organization being unhappy in their current roles. As part of your role as a leader, you are required to provide a 1-day workshop, which is twofold: one, to allow colleagues to verbalize their dissatisfaction in their daily roles; and, two, to provide the strategies required for them to feel more motivated and increase their self-efficacy/self-esteem.

Create an agenda for the 1-day workshop. The workshop agenda should include a full day of activities. The agenda should have opportunities for the following: role playing; guest speakers (be creative); opportunities for employees to voice their opinions; top priority for healthcare workers (i.e., safety); patient satisfaction; employee satisfaction; healthcare workers collaboration; a synopsis of the humanistic learning theories that fit your organization, etc.

Provide objectives for each of the areas and outcomes for what you expect.

Prior to submitting this assignment, please carefully review the rubric.