In this week’s discussion board we are going to examine how the industry trends that are impacting health care organizations determine the skills and abilities that a health care manager needs to be successful.

For your original post:

  • Select a health care organization.  (the health care organization I have chosen is Visiting Nurse Service of New York)
  • Explain the services/products provided by this organization
  • Identify and explain the key health care industry trends that impact the type of organization that you selected.
  • Explain which management skills you think are most critical to a successful career as a health care manager in your selected organization in light of the services/products that your organization provides AND the industry trends that you identified. The managerial competencies that you should consider include: ethics, organizational design, teamwork, managing resources, planning, decision making, leadership, motivation, change management, and communication.

Requirement: One original post and two reply posts.

Deadline: Saturday, March 30 at 11:59 pm.