Please color code your answers1. What are poisons?2. List four ways poisons enter the body.3. List four forms of poisons and list examples for each.4. List 11 most dangerous poisons found in a home.5. Identify 9 signals of poisoning.6. Identify 7 steps to care for ingested poisoning victims.7. What does Figure 18-3 demonstrate.8. List 12 ways to prevent poisoning.9. List 7 symptoms of Alcohol intoxication.10. Discuss care for intoxication11. List 7symptoms of drug overdose12. Discuss care for drug overdose13. List 8 sign and symptoms of Carbon monoxide poisoning.14. Discuss care for carbon monoxide poisoning.15. List 5 symptoms of plant (CONTACT ) poisoning16. Discuss care for plant poisoning.17. List 11 Do Not concerning in this chapter.