For my final assignment I have chosen to talk about how hackers have gained access to hospital computer software and manipulated systems. This trend has the ability to place patients at harm.   The best way to prevent these kind of attacks is to educate our healthcare professionals on what to look for.

       ‘To solve these problems, there are many levels of technology, such as cryptography technology, network security technology and so on.”(Ming, Chen, Guo, 2019). Cryptography is the art of writing or solving codes. Network security technology is also another way to prevent hackers from manipulating systems. Healthcare professionals also have a responsibility in detecting possible computer hackers as well. Upon employment, employers are educated on not opening suspicious emails   that maybe an attempt  for hackers to gain access into computer software. Healthcare employers who use screens and monitors in their field of work, also need to be educated on how to recognize when software has been manipulated. For example, areas of care that use monitors for diagnosing purposes need to be able to decipher  actual patient data from manipulated   data possibly shown on screens and monitors.

       Other ways to prevent software attacks are to keep computer software updated frequently. Companies and organizations should invest in the latest computer security programs. Never use open wi-fi on a computer router, always update your password frequently and create a password that does not involve birthdays or any significant events in your life that will be easy to figure out,  and do not wander on websites that are not allowed by the organization.

       Preventing computer hackers is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. On going computer education  training is  a must in order to prevent computer hackers  and software malfunctions.


I selected to do my final assignment on universal electronic health records. I would say there is a lot of misconception out there regarding these records and just the terminology that a lot of caregivers use interchangeably.  Before this course I thought the electronic medical record and the electronic health record to be virtually the same. I know differently now and the way I find it easiest to remember is that the electronic medical record is basically a digital version of the paper chart. It contains basic past medical history and is held and collected in an office or medical organization. The electronic health record is an oversight of the whole health of a patient. It goes wherever the patient goes and can be shared by healthcare providers. An all-inclusive patient record has more benefits for sicker patients that will hopefully improve outcomes.

 The first part of training of electronic medical records would be the security aspect of sharing data electronically.  This would be ongoing annual training as well as training updates for employee’s that might have a breach of confidently. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  of 1996 set forth rules and regulations to protect medical records and other health information that could identify an individual. The penalties for known violation of HIPAA can be processed criminally.  A fine can be imposed up to $50.000 dollars and up to one year and jail  according to an article in Hospital Access Management (2018). This in my opinion is much worse than just losing your job.

         The actual training would be required on the version of the electronic record itself that is currently being used in the organization where you might be employed. This subject is very current with me at present due to being thirty days out from our EPIC conversion. Training on EPIC modules has been ongoing over the last five weeks. There have been zero tolerance measures for tardiness and cell phone disruption. The first day of training 7 people that were not quite in the door were turned away with two of those being physicians.  That information spread quickly across the hospital that the trainers meant what they said about being on time.

 After the completion of the modules with the trainers from EPIC ongoing practice as well as system update training will be required to stay current with the records. Super Users have been selected from all departments that will help with training as well as when new employees are hired. The use of any electronic record is a better value purchase for an organization when people are trained properly. When users are aware of the information that they can pull out for reporting purposes and use the system at a high functioning level it is beneficial for all.

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