Yes, I think we can all agree that the genogram is a very useful tool. The literature is full of evidence that the genogram is a widely accepted and valuable tool in family assessment and treatment. Herth (1989) discusses that the genogram is most helpful with the elderly client. “The genogram is a tool that can be used by nurses to provide a comprehensive, holistic picture of the elderly client and his environment. A genogram can serve both as an assessment tool and as an intervention strategy” (p. 33).

Now let’s take this discussion one step further. You are the community health nurse, you have just completed a presentation to a group of people about genograms, the importance of them, how to create them. Everyone in the workshop has completed their genogram. 

As the community health nurse what is the next step? How do you encourage the people to use this genogram to make better life style choices?

Dr. Diane Sokolowski 


Herth, K, A. (1989). The root of it all genograms as a nursing assessment tool. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 15(12), 32-37. Retrieved from